Brother iPrint&Scan App revisa

Not supported printers

HL-3170CDW not supported. Come on Guys. Lets get this done. Thanks.

Why the bad reviews?

I don’t see why these horrible reviews exist. It seems to work great for me and it does really cool things like being able to scan an image then send via text.

Works fine.

Works fine.



Useless After Latest Update

Will not scan. Keeps showing “Cannot Save Scanned Image” try to scan again. Please fix!

Update broke scanning feature

Overall the printer/scanner apps has functiond as expetced. The UI is not Mac like at all, but it is simple enough to be usable. However since the last update I can no longer save scans. The scanner itself appears to function normally, but the save dialog always fails with “Cannot save scanned image… try your scan again”.

Bad update

After updating, I am no longer able to save scans to my computer through this application.

Does not support all models (MFC-8890DW)

No support for MFC-8890DW which is not that old. Needs to get fixed.

Does its job

This software is not the most feature rich software. But it does what its supposed to. Easy to use, lightning fast scans and good results. Try the different settings and choose your preferred.

Easy setup, Works as expected

After following instructions included with my Brother MFC-J690DW for installation and Wi-Fi connection, I was prompted to download and install this app. I was able to set it up and connect to the printer in approximately two minutes. I scanned a document as a test and saved the image to my hard drive. Worked flawlessly.

7840 & 9340 not supported

Doesn’t support 7840 and 9340. 7840 is kind of old but still works fine. There is no excuse for not supporting 9340 (double-sided color) though.

Does Not Support All Machines - MFC-7840W

Not sure why Brother can not configure the app to support all MFC printer/scanner/fax machines that work on a network. Seems it should be a basic function. The the MFC-7840W is not supported. Don’t waste your time. Look for other brands that have a better app interface with network printers. I believe this non-support of older machines is intentional to try and force sells of newer machines.

It just works

I just wish I knew to go to the App Store and download this app before I downloaded and installed any of the drivers from the Brother website. I bet the scanning functionality works without the drivers, just with the app. And printing works with AirPrint without installing any drivers.

Does not support my MFC-J460DW Brother printer.

Like I stated, it does not support my printer, the ap on my phone does, but not off of my laptop or iPad. Oh well.


App works on my iphone and my iMac and my i pad but “printer is not supported"on the newest version i just put on my MacBook thats “bs” my brother printer is by far the best printer i have had in a while for quality and ink pricing

Works well

This app works as intended. I haven’t had any issues with this app nor my new Brother printer.

It connected easy for me

I didnt have a problem connecting my printer wireless, my mac mini is 2 years old using osmac 10.13. Used the wireless scanner and printer already and its fast.

Easy to install, no problems so far

I noticed that some of the reviews mention that scanning doesn’t work for them, but it works great with my printer and machine. No problems thus far

Don’t understand the negative comments

Just bought the HL-L2395DW printer/scanner. It was on sale at Best Buy. I’m using it as a wireless printer for two different Mac’s. Installation of firmware updatge was very easy as soon as the machine was loggged onto the network. The driver download from the Brother support website worked very well. I downloaded the App from the Mac App Store on both computers with no issues. It works wel and is intuitive to use. So far, I’m very pleased with the product and the App. Something must have changed in this recent update to ver 3.0.0 that fixed the problems others have had.

Now 15 steps to scan a doc!

Replacing a Brother MFC 7340 with a Brother MFC L2710dw. With new ‘required’ Brother iPrint&Scan App, it now takes 15 steps to actually scan a document to my desktop, previously it was 4 steps. This is progress? Was told by support that this is the only way to do it. Will return this and purchase something other than Brother due to the software.

Worked perfectly!!!

Worked perfectly, no problems.

Works for me Mac High Sierra - Ver 3.0.0 April 2018

Brother DCP-L2550DW. March 2018. The interface is a little Windows 95ish, but it scans fine. Saves fine. I’m happy. April 2018 Ver 3.0.0 adds some nice Scan to Cloud services.

Clunky and parts of the interface only in French

I installed this during the setup of a recently purchased HLL2395D. I found the setup a bit clunky but manageable. Several steps had to be repeated to find the printer/scanner. The fact that crucial parts of the interface are in a foreign language (not withstanding that by sheer luck it is one that I speak and read), and that there is no way for the user to select a language, is an unforgivable foul-up. From the number of reviews here and postings elsewhere from those seeking, and the age of some of these posts, it's hard not to draw the conclusion that Brother does not take support of this application seriously. I find this very disappointing.

Keeps downloading in French and doesn’t scan multiple pages to 1 dcoument

I even tried contacting Brother support, but they were unable to help me out with the English version of the software. There isn’t a place in the settings to switch the language. I can get by with the basics of it, but trying to figure out a work around for the scan issue is impossible for me in French. And when I asked support how to do that, they said it can’t be done, which seems insane since every other scanner I’ve used can save individual scans to 1 document. This just seems like a terribly thought out app that needs major fixes.

Worked great.

Worked great with my MFC-L2750DW. Must keep mac up to date.

Doesn’t support my printer/scanner

I bought a MFC-L2700DW less than 6 months ago. Just tried to scan with this OS X software and it doesn’t support my printer/scanner. This is useless to me.


I have two Brother All-in-One printers and this app doesn’t support either one.

Why is it in Japanese?

Installed fine- But it is all in Japanese- anyone have a fix?

I’d give it zero stars if I could

This app is so bad in its functionality and ease of use I feel like I’m back in the 90’s. Truly awful and out of date.

Flawless Setup: 15min start to finish

Downloaded software from Brother support web site. Setup was qick and correct for my DCP-L2550DW Laser Printer for my Mac. No problems so not sure what the issues were for others.

It can’t find my printer

I have this app on my iPhone, my wife’s iphoneand her ipad and it works great. For some reason only mac it does not find the printer.

Up and running in minutes

Printing and scanning within minutes with my Brother MFC-2750DW.

Defaulted to Japanese

I downloaded this app and the language defaulted to (what I guess is) Japanese. I can’t figure out how to change the lanuage either, so the app is currently unusable for me.

Won’t connect to printer

I was hoping for this app to allow me connect to my printer, but that was not the case. As well, they do not give you an option to type in the IP address of the printer, making it so that the app could find my printer. Hopefully this could be fixed.

Surprized by negative reviews!!

Perhaps they fixed it all…??? The printer is the quickest and easiest to set up and the scanning as well as all other software worked flaulessly for me. Totally wireless and super fast. Put the papers in the top loader, hit the scan botton qnd seconds later watch the PDF appear on your laptop. No problem whatsoever. FOLLOW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS!!!!! I was patient and did ALL that the setup app askd for. A week of work - no complains of any kind!

Do NOT Bother with this Application - it’s TRASH

I just recevied my Brother MFC-J680DW and love the printer. I downloaded this thinking it would work since it shows 2017 what trash.

Was in Japanese

I downloaded this app for a new brother printer I have. When opening the application it was all in japanese text and unusable.

Sorry Brother but your app is pathetic.

Doesn’t recognize any printer at all. Useless. The iOS version works great, but this one does nothing.

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work. App not able to locate my printer through Wifi. Please fix the problem.

My device is not supported

easy to use but device is not supported.

Doesn’t work with MFC-J4620DW

Doesn’t work with MFC-J4620DW via WiFi

The market is leaving Brother printers behind!

I love Brother printers, the hardware that is. However, other printer manufacturers’ supporting software blows Brother out of the water. This software is just another example of that. My printer is only a couple years old and is already unsupported? Ridiculous!


The APP was working up until before Christmas. Now it says the printer is no longer recognised. So back to Samsung printer I have as a back up and Samsung Android phone. Brother should review their updates to ensure they are compatible with upgrades with High Sierra. One bad customer you lose 10, one happy customer you win 3. Lets see if Brother actually cares and resolves why none of the two Brother printers that printed and scanned via Wifi no longer work efficiently.

Doesn’t work with ADS 2700W Scanner

Why does this app not recognize any Brother product? I have both a Brother printer and now an ADS 2700W scanner. Neither show up as supported models.


This app needs to be scrapped


If I could have given a 0, I would have. Doesn't work at all for MFC 2750 DW. Mad reports it cannotopen the app.

Cannot rate

Cannot rate since it does not support MFC-J885DW

Adding a voice to the throng...

It does NOT work with MacBook Pro 10.13.2, at least not for my HL-2280DW. I downloaded the drivers from the site, and they work beautifully. I recommend doing that. Definitely uninstalling.

Does it work with any Brother printer

I also downloaded the app and found that it is not supported for.a MFC-7860DW printer as well, I also can’t scan with it. Does it work for any Brother printer? Very frustrating and particularly Useless when it will recognize that it has brother printer connected but won’t work with it.

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